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Swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, are famous for their efficiency. They use only a quarter of the electricity a standard air conditioner would use. Swamp coolers are popular in Phoenix because they can drop a room's temperature by 20 degrees. Your home will be significantly cooler by drawing warm air into the unit and using water pads to cool the air. Swamp coolers provide a filtering system to keep the cold air coming into your home clean, cool, and comfortable as well.

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Why Maintaining Your Swamp Cooler is Important

Swamp coolers receive frequent use in Phoenix. It is a rule of thumb that swamp-coolers should be serviced annually to maintain peak performance. Swamp coolers need routine maintenance for a few reasons:

  • Filter Cleanliness — The filters in swamp coolers are vital as they filter out odors, smoke, bacteria, and other pollutants. If the filters aren’t cleaned/replaced, bacteria and fungus can build up and spread throughout the house.

  • Increased Swamp Cooler Life — There are a few key components that make up swamp coolers. Having them regularly checked is essential to keeping the full potential of your system.

  • Maximize Energy Efficiency — Swamp coolers are known to be significantly more energy-efficient than a simple AC system. Swamp coolers need yearly maintenance to keep their reputation.

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Essential parts of a swamp cooler

The Maintenance Provided on Swamp Coolers

TemperaturePro Phoenix goes through a few steps when cleaning and servicing a swamp cooler. We make sure to always replace the water pads for every annual service, since they can get dirty after a year’s worth of use. The cleaner the pads, the more efficient your swamp cooler is and the cleaner the air being filtered into your house is.

We then thoroughly clean out distributors with a swamp cooler auger to help remove any build-up. After, we replace the water, as stagnant water can be a breeding ground for bacteria throughout the year. After that is complete, we check the water flow and the service is complete!

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How Does a Swamp Cooler Work?


1) The Water Supply Valve Brings Water into Bottom of Swamp Cooler

When you turn your swamp cooler on, the water supply valve brings water into the bottom of the swamp cooler. The water continues to pour into the swamp cooler until the float reaches a specific level. This signals the water supply valve to turn off.


2) The Pump Brings Water to the Evaporative Cooler Pads

After there is enough water in the bottom of the evaporative cooler, the pump begins to pull water through the water distribution lines. If you feel that the air isn't cool enough, you can turn your swamp cooler's switch to "pump" for more water to make it colder.


3) Warm Air is Pulled Through Evaporative Cooler Pads

Now that the evaporative pads have water on them, the blower motor begins pulling that warm Phoenix air into the swamp cooler through the pads. As the warm air makes its way through the pads, the moisture cools the air, and cleans it, also known as evaporative cooling.


4) Blower Forces Cold Air Through the Vent

The last thing that happens in order to feel that cool breeze is the air is pulled through the evaporative pads and cooled. The blower takes the cooled air and forces it through the ductwork and vent, and into the house.


Swamp Cooler Tips

Here at TemperaturePro Phoenix, we are dedicated to providing our clients with HVAC system services that will help them save money. Here are a few tips to help maximize your swamp cooler efficiency:

  • Run your swamp cooler at night or in the morning — Swamp coolers provide the coolest air at night or in the morning as the air outside is already relatively cold. Running it during the afternoon is not ideal, and running the system at night/morning can provide a comfortable temperature throughout the day.

  • Swamp coolers are only used in dry places — Swamp Coolers don’t work if the outside humidity is above a certain percentage. For residents here in Phoenix, this isn’t a problem because of the hot and dry climate of the desert.

  • Try not to use your swamp cooler all day — This might be hard for summers in Phoenix, but swamp coolers last a lot longer and won’t need nearly as much maintenance if you run them during the coolest parts of the day instead of all day. It will save you a tremendous amount of money as well.


Dependable Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Yearly maintenance on a swamp cooler can help keep its efficiency and performance, maintaining houses at a comfortable temperature all year long in Phoenix! TemperaturePro Phoenix’s team are all certified technicians and are reliable as they come in the HVAC industry. Schedule maintenance on your swamp cooler today!


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