Swamp Cooler Repair & Installation in Phoenix

Swamp Cooler Repair & Installation in Phoenix

Commonly known as evaporative coolers, swamp coolers are an alternative to traditional air conditioner systems. These cooling devices are highly energy-efficient and are best suited for dry climates. Instead of using a refrigerant to cool the air, they work by evaporating water. Besides being energy-efficient, swamp coolers are also air humidifiers. Below are more tips from Temperature Pro Phoenix about installing and repairing your swamp cooler.

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Is It Time for Your Swamp Cooler Repair?

Here are signs indicating whether your unit needs repairs:

  • It doesn’t start – A blown fuse primarily causes this, so you should examine the fuse if your evaporative cooler doesn't start. Contact Temperature Pro in Phoenix, AZ, for quick repairs in the unfortunate event of a blown fuse.

  • The unit is emitting a strange odor – Mildew or stagnant water could be the reason behind the foul odor coming from your unit.

  • Improper airflow – The leading cause of this issue is a blockage in the exhaust ducts. A technician from our company will quickly fix this problem.

  • Leakages - If water is dripping from your cooler, this could indicate that your unit needs repairs. There could be several reasons behind the leakage, but mainly it results from improperly storing the unit during winter.

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Swamp Cooler Installation

When installing your swamp cooler, the following guidelines can come in handy:

  • Mounting – Depending on the cooler type, you can mount it in different positions on the outside of your house. For example, it could be on the roof, window, or roof.

  • Installation height – Air conditioning experts recommend installing swamp coolers at least 10 feet away or three feet below plumbing vents, plumbing combustion appliance vents, and exhaust fan vents.

  • Check the float – After each pumping cycle, you should check the float valve. By doing so, you will make sure the float setting is not too high to cause overflowing in the water reservoir.

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Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Like any other appliance, these units require regular maintenance to give you long years of servitude. Here are swamp cooler maintenance ideas to keep your unit up and running:

  • It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the parts of your cooler to know which ones will need replacement each year.

  • Clean and service your unit annually.

  • At the start of every cooling season, ensure you do a replacement of water pads.

  • When the cooler isn't in use, it is advisable to empty the drip pan as stagnant water could breed bacteria.

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If you want to get an evaporation cooler for your home, the above tips will come in handy. For all your HVAC installation, repairs, and maintenance needs, contact Temperature Pro in Phoenix, AZ. We have the expertise and experience to repair your unit or set you up with a new one quickly and efficiently.

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