HVAC Repair General Guide

HVAC Repair General Guide

TemperaturePro provides friendly, reliable, and affordable air conditioning repair services to the greater Phoenix area. We provide our services 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Our HVAC technicians are ready to respond at any time of the week, especially in the case of an emergency. Here at TemperaturePro Phoenix, we strive to provide comfort and quality air for your Arizona home or business.

Eventually, your AC system will begin to malfunction. Unfortunately, this is inevitable. But, when this does happen, you can rely on the trusted and certified HVAC technicians at TemperaturePro to bring your air conditioner back to a healthy working condition. Struggling AC systems are typically a result of components failing, which means you need replacement parts. Yet, the question remains; how do I know when I need my cooling system repaired? In this blog, we will go over a general guide on HVAC system repairs.

Indicators That Your AC System Requires Repair


Below are the indicators that your HVAC unit needs repairment:

  • Unusual noises are coming from your AC system.

  • Your utility bills are slowly increasing from month to month.

  • Your cooling system is over ten years old.

  • The blower in your system never turns off. You will be able to hear this.

  • The indoor temperature does not align with your thermostat settings.

  • Different rooms throughout your house have varying temperatures.

  • Cold air fails to come out of your HVAC system.

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Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

A prevalent issue that residents run into with their HVAC units is that it stops blowing cold air and blows warm air, which is obviously a problem here in Phoenix. This is because of a few potential issues, but it's most likely because of your condenser.


What is a Condenser?

The condenser is that large metal cubic system that sits outside of your home. In the world of air conditioning, the condenser is where the cooling process takes place. The condenser has a few parts in it that are all important to a functioning HVAC system. These include the refrigerant, compressor, condenser coil, electromagnet fan, capacitor, relay switches, and many more small, technical parts. The mechanics may vary depending on the make and model of your system. Below are a few reasons why your system could be malfunctioning.

  • The condensate drain line is clogged.

  • The system is not receiving any electricity.

  • The drain pan is damaged or rusted.

  • The condensate pump is broken or rusted.

  • The capacitor or coil is damaged.

  • The air filter is too dirty.

  • Your unit has low refrigerant.

These problems could lead to your AC unit leaking water as well. If you notice your AC unit is leaking, or making any weird, loud noises, call TemperaturePro as soon as you can. Waiting could lead to more costly repairs and leave your home without quality air and a comfortable place to live.

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TemperaturePro provides our community with the utmost quality HVAC services throughout the greater Phoenix area. Check out our locations page to see if you live in the extensive area that we serve. Not only do we offer reliable AC repair services, but we also provide quality HVAC installation and maintenance as well. Contact TemperaturePro today for a free consultation!