Common AC Issues That Require Repairs

Anytime you need your air conditioner to work in Phoenix, you need that cool air, and you need it now. But, how do you know when to call a professional HVAC repair service for all your ac and heating repairs in Phoenix, and when not to?

TemperaturePro provides friendly, reliable, and affordable air conditioning and swamp cooler repair services to the greater Phoenix metro area. This blog is here to help you stay cool when you want to be and recognize the symptoms of common AC issues that may require repairs.


Low Refrigerant

If you feel warm air coming from the unit, it means your AC unit is low on coolant. And if your unit has low refrigerant, it could very quickly become a chain reaction causing various other problems within your unit. These problems could include coils and other components in your unit freezing up and eventually failing.

Low refrigerant can also be a clear indication that your entire system has a leak, which is one of the most common A/C service repair issues we see from local Phoenix homeowners. If you suspect your system has a leak, call the TemperaturePro HVAC repair experts of Phoenix to get your coolant checked. An annual system cleaning at least once a year is recommended to avoid refrigerant issues.


Weird, Strange Noises

There can be many reasons why your air conditioning system is making noises. But, when does it turn from normal operating noises to “my HVAC system needs repair?” If there is abnormal clicking coming from your HVAC system in your Phoenix home and it’s running, there is probably something obstructing the fan. If the clicking starts and your A/C won’t start, this points to an electrical problem with the thermostat, compressor, or capacitor.

Bottom line, if you’re hearing any clicking or strange noises that are not normal startup noises, your best solution is to rely on your certified TemperaturePro experts to diagnose the problem.


Secondary Motor Controller Problems

The third most common AC repair call we get comes down to the voltage that powers your fan motor and your compressor. This is your secondary motor controller and can cost a lot of money to replace if not properly serviced or maintained. In fact, a failed controller can cause the wrong amount of voltage to enter your system, which leads to failure and constant repairs in the future.

To avoid costly service repairs for your A/C unit, ensure you call your TemperaturePro experts as soon as you notice something off with your fan motor or compressor.


Condenser Issues

Are you noticing different temperatures in different rooms of your Phoenix home? Or that your air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air? When your AC system stops cooling or there are uneven temperatures throughout your home, it is a clear sign that your condenser needs repair. There are numerous issues that could cause your condenser to fail from a clogged drain line to low refrigerant. Our best advice is to all your reliable TemperaturePro technicians to save yourself time, money and stress to diagnose this common condenser issue.

We get it. As a Phoenix homeowner, AC or swamp cooler service issues can be hard to navigate. All the above are common air conditioning issues we see everyday that require professional AC repair services, but we also know there are others. If you’re unsure about how to know when you need any AC repair, lean on our Temperature Pro experts or visit our AC repair page for more guidance and we’ll help you stay cool.