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Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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Having a properly functioning cooling system running through your business is crucial to keep you, your employees, and your customers comfortable when you live in the desert of Phoenix, AZ. Here at TemperaturePro Phoenix, we do everything HVAC. That includes installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our mission is to provide you and your business with the most quality customer service and the finest HVAC technology out on the market today.

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Why Should My Business Get AC Maintenance?

At TemperaturePro Phoenix, we want to make sure that your business’s cooling system is working properly. We all know how important that is here in Phoenix. A big part of making sure your business is comfortable for everybody involved is getting routine maintenance from a certified HVAC technician. Most things need regular maintenance to last a long time, and cooling systems are no exception.

There are multiple benefits to having regular maintenance done to your business’s HVAC system. These benefits include:

  • Lower Utility bills

  • Increased AC system lifespan

  • Better air quality in your business

  • Enhanced HVAC system performance

  • Maximize energy efficiency


How Often Do I Need My AC Equipment Serviced?

TemperaturePro recommends that your business should receive preventative maintenance at least one time per year to ensure the topmost operating efficiency, sustainable utility bills, and reduced risk of an expensive repair.

We also recommend, no matter what make or model, that you get your air conditioning system serviced in spring, or at the latest early summer. This way, your system will be ready to take on those scorching Phoenix summers.

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Maintenance Services We Provide

We provide quality maintenance services with our highly experienced and certified HVAC technicians. For a routine maintenance checkup, we:

  • Clean or replace a dirty air filter

  • Clean the condensate pump

  • Clean up the indoor and outdoor coils

  • General visual inspection

The Importance of a Clean Air Filter

Having a dirty air filter makes your air conditioner work harder than it should. This leads to your system expending more energy, which leads to a rise in your utility bills. Additionally, a dirty air filter means the air that is filtering through your business is potentially dirty as well.

The worst-case scenario for not replacing a dirty air filter is that your HVAC system overheats, resulting in a complete system failure.

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Cleaning Evaporator Coils

If evaporator coils are left unmaintained, the grime that is left makes it far more difficult for the coils to transfer heat. Just like the air filters, this makes the system work harder, resulting in a higher utility bill. Having dirty coils can also lead to refrigerant leaks.

Cleaning the Condenser

A condenser in an HVAC system is a large metal tube you might see on the roof or outside your business. This part is crucial for the air conditioning system because condensers do most of the heavy lifting when cooling your business.

When you get a preventative maintenance checkup form TemperaturePro, we always make sure to thoroughly check all the components that make up the condenser. This includes the:

  • Supply voltage

  • Capacitors

  • Contactor

  • Coil condition

  • Fan motor

  • Fan blades

Make sure your air filter, evaporator coil, condenser, and all the other components are working in order to provide your business with the comfortable conditions it needs.


Reliable AC Maintenance Service

Keeping an annual checkup on your HVAC system is important to keep your system running like new for years to come. Having regularly scheduled maintenance can also help you avoid costly repairs. Have our experienced and certified technicians at TemperaturePro look at your cooling system today! If you’re in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, then contact us today if you have any questions or want to schedule a free consultation!


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Join the Total Comfort Club today and start saving big bucks on your HVAC services and repairs. Regular preventative HVAC maintenance lowers your monthly utility bills, reduces the need for expensive repairs, and extends the life of your entire system, delaying the inevitable purchase of a brand new HVAC unit.

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